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Schedules of Condition for Party Wall Awards

Monday, 21st August 2023 | by: Justin Burns

The next step in the party wall process after surveyors (or an Agreed Surveyor) have been appointed is the recording of the condition of the adjoining owner’s property; referred to as a schedule of condition. This is not part of the formal process, as in it’s not referred to anywhere within the Act, but it is routinely done and could prove ... Read more >>

What is a Party Wall Award?

Monday, 7th August 2023 | by: Justin Burns

To understand the purpose of a party wall award it's necessary to take a step back and appreciate where it fits within the procedures set out in the Act. Where a party wall notice has been served and has not been consented to by the affected adjoining owner a dispute arises. Both the building owner and the adjoining owner must appoint a surveyor ... Read more >>

Choosing the Right Survey (Pinned)

Sunday, 23rd July 2023 | by: Justin Burns

In recent years, the RICS have tried make life easier for homebuyers by insisting that members benchmark their survey reports. Every report must be allocated a Level between 1 and 3. The RICS have produced a set of templates but members are also free to use their own as long as it is clear to clients which level of report they are ... Read more >>

The Appointment of Separate Party Wall Surveyors

Monday, 10th July 2023 | by: Justin Burns

It’s the response that most worries owners notifying their neighbours of works falling under the Party Wall Act - not only a dissent but the appointment of a separate surveyor. I know of a couple of examples where a building owner has simply cancelled their works as a result, which seems extreme, but the loss of control really does seem to ... Read more >>

The Appointment of an Agreed Party Wall Surveyor

Sunday, 25th June 2023 | by: Justin Burns

Where an adjoining owner dissents to a party wall notice they have two options; appoint a surveyor of their choice or concur with the building owner in the appointment of a single Agreed Surveyor. In terms of cost, the appointment of an agreed surveyor will generally be cheaper than having two separate surveyors (I say ‘generally’ as the ... Read more >>


Sunday, 4th June 2023 | by: Justin Burns

The desired outcome for any owner serving party wall notices is a consent – it allows them to take advantage of the benefits of the Act, such as the right of access, without having to stump up for surveyors’ fees. However, adjoining owners consenting to party wall notices is still a relatively rare thing, I’ve not run the numbers but my ... Read more >>

When Party Wall Notices are Not Responded To

Sunday, 21st May 2023 | by: Justin Burns

There are many reasons why neighbours do not respond to party wall notices - they may have moved out of the property and not updated the Title Register, they may be on a long holiday or they may just be the type of person that doesn’t do paperwork (more than you might think). Whatever the reason, I would estimate that between 10 and 20% of party ... Read more >>

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