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We offer a full range of surveys and valuations on all types of residential property in Cambridgeshire & North Essex. Contact us for a quote today.


Party Wall Surveyors

Our surveyors have extensive experience in party wall matters whether acting for the building owner or the adjoining owner.


Leasehold Valuations

We prepare valuations and undertake negotiations under the Leasehold Reform Act in respect of lease extensions and freehold purchases.

Licences for Alteration

Licences For Alteration

Whether you are a lessee planning works to your property or a freeholder that has had a request for consent we can assist with the preparation of a Licence to Alter


Chartered Surveyors in Cambridge & North Essex

Taylor Mitchell offer a wide range of residential surveying services and cover an area extending from Bishops Stortford up to Cambridge.

Types of work undertaken include party wall appointments, home surveys, valuations and leasehold valuations.

Jobs will generally be completed personally by Justin Burns BSc (Hons) MRICS FFPWS who, as well as having 20+ years residential surveying experience, has lived in the area for many years.

Justin places great emphasis on the personal touch and will always make himself available, both before and after completing a job, to respond to queries.

We cover the area between Cambridge and Bishops Stortford including the towns and villages noted below:

CB1 to CB5
Great Shelford
Great Dunmow
Bishops Stortford
CM22 & CM23

Party Wall Advice

We are experienced party wall surveyors. If you are planning to undertake some work on your property which falls within the scope of The Party Wall etc. ...


Residential Valuations

We can provide RICS 'Red Book' valuations for use in matrimonial proceedings, tax planning, probate and for staircasing under shared ownership or help to buy ...


Residential Surveys

If you are thinking of buying a property and would like the peace of mind that comes with a survey from a Chartered Surveyor call us for a quote today ...


Other Services

We provide a full range of residential property services including Specific Defect Reports, Reinstatement Cost Valuations, access licences and Snagging Lists.


Leasehold Reform Act

We prepare valuation reports in accordance with the Leasehold Reform Act and we have the necessary expertise to undertake negotiations on your behalf ...



Taylor Mitchell is a subsidiary of Peter Barry Surveyors Ltd focusing on the area between Cambridge and Bishop Stortford. Jobs will generally be completed by Justin Burns ...


Recent Activity in Cambridge

Our in house leasehold reform specialist, Steve Hobbs, recently carried out a lease extension valuation survey for a purpose-built period flat in Cherry Hinton.

We were able to carry out the valuation on a desktop basis, significantly speeding the process up and reducing costs for the client. On examining the title documents we found that an onerous ground rent had been written into the lease, whereby the rent was reviewed and increased on a regular basis in line with inflation.  As part of the lease extension process we were able to advice the client that the rent could be reduced to a peppercorn, safeguarding the long term value of the flat and avoiding potential future issues with raising a mortgage against the property.

Our client was pleased with the service, commenting “Lease Extension valuation report requested. Competitive quote + lead time. Report professionally done.”


When an owner is proposing works that fall within the scope of the Party Wall Act they must formally notify the owners of each affected adjoining property even if those owners are effectively the same party.

This point came up recently where an owner in one of the villages to the south of Cambridge was proposing to add a rear extension to his house. Our surveyor Justin Burns was instructed to prepare the necessary notices and as part of his initial assessment, it was established that structures or lands under three separate titles would be affected on one side. After some further investigation it was established that the lands and properties were in fact all owned by the same commercial business. It was still necessary to serve 3 sets of notice but fortunately there was a single decision maker who was happy to appoint Justin as the agreed surveyor. Once the appointment was confirmed matters proceeded swiftly and the awards were served in plenty of time for the work to commence without delay. The building owner commented that Justin was “… thorough throughout and communicated well with all parties involved”.


Often, all an adjoining owner wants is for the condition of their property to be recorded so that any damage can be quickly identified and dealt with. An owner planning works can offer to pay for an experienced party wall surveyor to do this when serving notice(s) and it will often make the difference between an adjoining owner dissenting to that notice or confirming a conditional consent (the condition being that a schedule of condition is prepared).

This was the case with a recent loft conversion project to the north-west of the city. The works were straightforward but the adjoining property was let so the owner would not be there to keep an eye on the works. Having a professionally prepared schedule of condition reassured them that any damage could be easily identified at the end of the works.

The building owner was happy with the outcome, commenting that the schedule was “easy to book in”, that we were “very quick to return a report and photos” and promised to recommend us in the future!


Party wall procedures are designed to ensure that matters do not stall when an adjoining owner fails to respond to a notice. A deemed dissent kicks in 14 days after notice is served which triggers a ‘dispute’ meaning that both parties are obliged to appoint a surveyor. If the adjoining owner does not do so within 10 days, the building owner chooses a surveyor for them so that matters can progress.

This situation arose recently on a project just off Mill Road where the building owner was extending to the rear. One adjoining owner remained silent a reminder letter being sent and we assisted the building owner with choosing a surveyor to act for their neighbour who would deal with matters promptly for as reasonable fee. Despite the building owner having effectively chosen both surveyors, the adjoining owner is not disadvantaged as the requirement to produce a fair and impartial award remains.

The building owner was pleased with how our surveyor Justin Burns handled the process commenting that he was “impressively fast, responsive, and proactive”.


A significant factor in the lifespan of a bonded felt roof is how long it remains wet following periods of rain. A well-designed flat roof will have a minimum 1:40 fall to take rainwater away but there are many reasons why the lifespan of the covering may be shortened including movement to the roof deck, concentrated sources of rainwater and obstructions.

Our surveyor Justin Burns recently completed a Level 3 Survey of a detached house in a rural location to the south of Cambourne which included a flat roof with a prematurely failing covering. The main roof had been designed with a valley that discharged on to the flat roof below meaning that it remained wet for an extended period. Being in a leafy rural location, moss had formed on the damp covering and was acting like a sponge and exacerbating the situation. As the defect had effectively been designed into the property the only way of alleviating it was through regular maintenance.

Our client was happy with the advice provided describing it as “Thorough and helpful”.

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