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We know how scary it can be to buy a property, whether you’re buying your first property in Haverhill or moving to a larger place, there’s no substitute for the peace of mind provided by a detailed report prepared by one of our experienced Chartered Surveyors. We offer RICS Level 2 & 3 surveys and are waiting to discuss which is best for you.

After moving in to your new Haverhill property, we hope you’ll come back to us if you are planning to extend and require assistance with party wall matters.

All of our senior surveyors are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors. In addition, the practice is regulated by the RICS so you can be sure that we adhere to the highest standards within the industry. Contact us today for some free advice.

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If you require advice on any residential surveying matter please call us for some free advice or drop us an email.

Recent Activity in Haverhill

Our senior surveyor, Justin Burns, recently completed an RICS Level 3 Survey on a property situated on the main road out of Haverhill towards Thaxted. The property had an obvious dip to the main roof which was of pitched and hipped timber framed type.

It was very common in the 1970s for owners of 1930s properties to remove the original roof covering, be that clay tiles of slates, and replace it with interlocking concrete tiles. What was often overlooked is that the concrete tiles are likley to be several times heavier that the original covering and placed a greater load on the rafters than they were designed to resist. All would be well at first but over the subsequent years the rafters would gradually bow under the weight. Even if the change is reversed, and the load reduced, the ‘spring back’ will be minimal as the rafters will now be set in their new position (due to a phenomenon known as ‘creep’). If the issue was caught soon enough, additional struts could be added to the roof to prevent any further movement.

We recently acted as party wall surveyor for the developer on a retirement homes complex on the edge of Haverhill town centre. It’s often the case that large developments give rise to relatively few party wall matters as they take up a large ‘block’ of land with roads to the sides and this job was no exception. There was only one affected adjoining owner and that structure was several metres away.

The foundations to the development were piled and therefore several metres deep. That being the case, section 6(2) of the Act is invoked meaning that the owners of any structures within 6.0m have to be notified.

The necessary notice was served by our party wall specialist, Justin Burns, and the adjoining owners made contact within a few days. They were relaxed about the works but, being a trust, felt it would be appropriate to appoint their own surveyor. Agreeing the party wall award was straightforward and it was served well ahead of the proposed start date.

About Haverhill

Haverhill is a market town located on the western edge of Suffolk; close to the border with both Cambridgeshire and Essex. Saffron Walden is approx. 11 miles to the south-west and Bury St Edmunds 18 miles to the north-east.

Most of the town’s historical buildings were destroyed by fire in 1667 but one notable Tudor house, built around 1630 by John Matlock, remains. Formally known as The Vicarage, it was renamed Cleeves House on account of it being given to Anne of Cleeves as part of her divorce from Henry VIII. The house boasts 2 of the finest mid-17th century timber chimney pieces in Britain. It is available for functions and occasionally opens to the public.

Haverhill expanded rapidly in the 1960s when it was designated as a London overspill site following resettlement from the war but, as often happens, the infrastructure was not sufficiently improved at the same time. Unfortunately, the rapid growth led to an increased crime rate and the town’s reputation suffered.

Haverhill is surrounded by picturesque villages such as Withersfield to the north and Steeple Bumpstead to south where AA Milne, creator of Winnie the Pooh, lived while studying at Cambridge University.

Haverhill no longer has a railway station, it closed in 1967, so journeys to London start with a bus ride to either Cambridge or Audley End.


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If you require advice on any residential surveying matter please call us for some free advice or drop us an email.

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We can draft your party wall notices for a flat fee of £65 per adjoining owner and are available to prepare schedules of condition or a party wall award should a dispute arise.


We regularly act for adjoining owners to ensure that the risk of damage is kept to a minimum and occupants do not suffer unnecessary inconvenience.


The Level 2 Survey is designed to provide buyers with enough information to make a reasoned and informed decision on whether to proceed with their purchase.


The Level 3 Survey is a very detailed report. We'll examine the structure of the building closely and undertake a surface examination of the services.


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If you require advice on any residential surveying matter please call us for some free advice or drop us an email.



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