Other Surveying Services

In addition to party wall advice and RICS Home Surveys, we can provide the following residential surveying services.

Access Agreements

If you require access over an adjoining property or have received a request for access from a neighbour, we can assist with drafting an access licence that protects the interests of both owners. Reasons for access being required include installing a temporary hoarding for safe demolition, erecting a scaffold for maintenance or oversailing a crane from an adjacent development.

Licence for Alterations

If you own a leasehold property there will generally be a clause in the lease requiring you to obtain the freeholder’s consent for any material alterations. In most cases, consent should not be unreasonably withheld. The freeholder will generally confirm that consent in the form of a Licence for Alterations.

While the document itself will often be prepared by the freeholder’s solicitor our input to ensure that all surveying related issues are covered is essential. Part of our role includes visiting site to record the condition of adjoining properties and inspecting the alteration upon completion.

Specific Defect Reports

If an issue arises on a property that you already own, we can inspect and provide advice in the form of a Specific Defect Report. The report will diagnose the issue, set out the necessary remedial works including a brief specification that can be used as the basis for builder’s quotes. Reports can cover multiple issues if required.

Schedules of Repair

If you own the freehold of a converted house or block of flats you will have an obligation to keep the external and communal parts of the building in good repair. To ensure that the key issues are picked up, we can prepare a schedule of repair. Inspections are typically undertaken on 3-5 year rolling basis and can feed in to a maintenance plan to avoid large one off costs in the future and encourage sensible budgeting.

Schedule of Outstanding Works (Snagging List)

If you are buying a new property, it is a snagging list that you require rather than a standard Home Survey. New homes come with a warranty covering significant defects so a snagging list will focus on the quality of construction/finishing. The written documents is passed to the contractor so that all issues raised can be addressed before you take ownership.

A snagging list prepared by a Chartered Surveyor can also be useful to ensure that the finish to major refurbishment works is of an acceptable standard.

If you are interested in any of the above services, please feel free to drop us a line or call 01799 543532 to discuss further.

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