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We’ve been resolving party wall disputes in Bishop’s Stortford and surrounding areas for many years. Whether we are dealing with the removal of a chimney breast that backs on to a party wall or a large extension, our focus is on finding a fair balance between the building owner’s desire to complete their works as quickly as possible and the need to minimise risk and inconvenience to adjoining owners.

If you are about to buy your first Bishop’s Stortford property you can also take advantage the experience of our team of Chartered Surveyors can offer. We can provide a range of pre-purchase surveys but the best way to decide which one best suits your needs is to call us on the number above for an initial consultation.

Other examples of services available from our surveying team include snagging lists (if you are buying a new property in Bishop’s Stortford) and Licences to Alter if you are planning works to a leasehold property.

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If you require advice on any residential surveying matter please call us for some free advice or drop us an email.

Recent Activity in Bishops Stortford

We have just prepared party wall notices for the owner of a property on the Haverhill side of the town, close to the M11, who is proposing to remove a chimney breast which backs on to the party wall on the ground floor with a view to opening up the reception rooms.

There is quite a high risk of damage from work of this type if the correct safeguards are not in place. The brickwork will be bonded into the party wall so any vibration from the work will probably cause plaster on the opposite side of the wall to crack. Most party wall awards will insist that the bricks are cut with a hammer and bolster in his scenario rather than a Kango or similar percussive tool.

The other potential risk is if the adjoining owner has a corresponding chimney breast with an open flue. Even minor vibration can cause soot to loosen from the sides of the flue and enter the room if the opening has not been temporarily sealed.

About Bishop’s Stortford

Bishop’s Stortford is an historic market town located at the eastern tip of Hertfordshire, close to the border with Essex. Stanstead Mountfitchet is approx. 3 miles to the north-east and if you keep going for a further 10 miles in the same direction, you’ll get to Thaxted.

When is a castle not a castle? When all that’s left is the mound upon which it once stood.  Waytemore Castle, located to the north of the town on the east bank of the River Stort, is Grade I listed despite the motte and bailey castle, dating from the time of William the Conqueror, having long since gone.

Current attractions of the town include the South Mill Arts complex which incorporates a theatre, cinema and dance studio. Back in the day, the venue hosted top artists such as David Bowie and The Who but these days the offering consists mainly of tribute bands and comedy. The venue used to be called The Rhodes Theatre as it is adjacent to the former home of the 19th century diamond & mining magnate and imperialist Cecil Rhodes. The house itself is now a museum.

For a more contemporary celebrity association, singer Sam Smith travelled in from the Essex village of Barley to attend St Mary’s Catholic School in Bishop’s Stortford.

Bishop’s Stortford has been expanding rapidly in recent years with thousands of new homes having been built both in the centre and the outskirts of the town.

Bishop’s Stortford Station forms part of the West Anglia Main Line with direct trains to Liverpool Street and Cambridge. It’s also a single stop from Stanstead Airport, with a journey time of 10 mins on the Stanstead Express, so a great location for regular travellers.


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If you require advice on any residential surveying matter please call us for some free advice or drop us an email.

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We can draft your party wall notices for a flat fee of £65 per adjoining owner and are available to prepare schedules of condition or a party wall award should a dispute arise.


We regularly act for adjoining owners to ensure that the risk of damage is kept to a minimum and occupants do not suffer unnecessary inconvenience.


The Level 2 Survey is designed to provide buyers with enough information to make a reasoned and informed decision on whether to proceed with their purchase.


The Level 3 Survey is a very detailed report. We'll examine the structure of the building closely and undertake a surface examination of the services.


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If you require advice on any residential surveying matter please call us for some free advice or drop us an email.



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