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We have the skill and experience to deal with a range of neighbourly matters including party wall procedures, scaffolding licences and crane oversails. Our focus is always on containing disputes and finding the most reasonable solution for the parties. If you require advice on a neighbourly matter in Newmarket or one of the surrounding villages you are welcome to contact us for a free initial consultation.

We also have vast experience of surveying properties in the Newmarket area. We like to spend some time at the outset to properly understand your concerns and ensure that we recommend the most suitable survey to allay them. Our surveyors will always make themselves available to discuss issues raised in their reports and the next steps.

In addition to the above, we can assist with providing a range of residential surveying services.

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If you require advice on any residential surveying matter please call us for some free advice or drop us an email.

Recent Activity in Newmarket

We recently dealt with party wall matters relating to the extension of a property in a village to the west of Newmarket. The rear extension was set back from the boundary but still within 3.00m of one of the adjoining properties. For the works to fall within the scope of the Act, the new foundations would have to be deeper than those to the adjoining property. The foundations to the adjoining property are obviously hidden so we could only make an educated guess regarding the depth.

The adjoining property was a 1980s build so probably had 1.0m deep foundations but, as we could not be sure, it was decided to serve a Notice of Adjacent Excavation. The alternative is that the adjoining owner requests a notice when works start on site and that would cause a delay.

Fortunately, the adjoining owner consented to the notice. As there was a risk of damage, albeit small, we recorded the condition of the adjoining property prior to the works commencing.

Cracked cement fillets to verges and below ridge tiles is an issue that comes up regularly on surveys. Ridge tiles are bedded in mortar and the gap between the tiles and the under-cloak to the edge of a pitched roof are pointed but both a particularly prone to thermal movement.

Our surveyor Justin Burns highlighted the issue on a recent Level 3 survey of a semi-detached bungalow close to the village of Swaffham Bulbeck to the west of Newmarket. The roof had been renewed and part of a major refurbishment just a couple of years earlier but cracks had already opened up in the cement fillets. The issue was probably caused by the mortar being allowed to dry out too quickly when the roof covering was renewed. As with any external building element, once a crack appears, it will worsen overtime as moisture enters and freezes.

It’s a good example of a defect which will require attention in the future but would not yet be considered urgent.

It’s common for chimney breasts that are no longer used to be removed in small houses to gain valuable floor space. Unfortunately, it’s also common to find that the stack above has not been properly supported following their removal. The typical scenario is that the chimney breasts are removed to just above the upper-floor ceiling joists.

The remaining upper section should be supported either with gallows brackets or a steel beam but on a recent survey of a Victorian end of terrace property on the outskirts of Ely, our surveyor Justin Burns found that it had been left supported only by the ceiling joists. The chimney breasts had been removed some years earlier and the upper section had remained in place but was no showing signs of stress. The advice in this scenario will always be to introduce properly designed support and have the work signed off for Building Regulation compliance.

Our client appreciated the advice describing the Level 2 report as “comprehensive” and “extremely helpful”.


About Newmarket

Newmarket is a market town to the north-east of Cambridge but just within the borders of Suffolk with Haverhill to the south.

The town is of course best known as the home of horse racing. The complex consists of two flat racecourses, the Rowley Mile which is used in April and May before the action switches to the July Course for the summer. In addition, there are over 50 training stables and one of the most extensive training grounds in the world.

The racecourse is also the location for a series of ‘Newmarket Nights’ which combine evening racing with music. In past years the capacity crowd of 18,000 have enjoyed acts including Madness, Tom Jones and Rick Ashley.

Any one that’s driven through the Suffolk countryside will be aware that it has a tradition of rearing quality free-range pork. That pork often made its way to Newmarket butchers to be made into sausages. Newmarket sausages are made to a traditional recipe and have a legal Protected Geographical Indication, that is to say a Newmarket sausage can legally only be made in Newmarket.

Newmarket is not an ideal location for those having to commute to London as there are no direct trains meaning the journey takes the best part of 2 hours. There is however a direct service to Bury St Edmunds which takes less than 20 minutes. The town is surrounded by excellent dual carriageway type ‘A’ road making it easy to access by car.


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If you require advice on any residential surveying matter please call us for some free advice or drop us an email.

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We can draft your party wall notices for a flat fee of £65 per adjoining owner and are available to prepare schedules of condition or a party wall award should a dispute arise.


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The Level 2 Survey is designed to provide buyers with enough information to make a reasoned and informed decision on whether to proceed with their purchase.


The Level 3 Survey is a very detailed report. We'll examine the structure of the building closely and undertake a surface examination of the services.


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If you require advice on any residential surveying matter please call us for some free advice or drop us an email.



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